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Pursuing prosparity by defeating disparity.

Under the weight of an estimated $35B in student loan debt, Black women face the greatest threat to building generational wealth. The solution starts with us.


Did you Know that Black Women ...

Have a lifetime net worth of only $0-$11K

Are 5x more likely to default on student debt

Owe 13% more in student debt 12 years post-graduation

African American Kids Dancing

Starting with Why

The Prosp(a)rity Project was constructed on the belief that Black girls & women deserve the opportunity to lead accomplished, abundant lives—a freedom that should be experienced by all, but due to the hurdles of systemic inequity, fueled by misogynoir (the intersection of sexism x racism), has been disproportionately difficult for this group to achieve.

Because of this, we’ve embarked on a mission to empower Black girls & women with tools for financial, professional/entrepreneurial and holistic success, which we currently fulfill through our signature program, the Economic Empowerment Initiative (EEI.)

We are guided by a vision of furthering our presence as the leading nonprofit dedicated specifically to nurturing, uplifting and advancing members of this demographic and ultimately positioning them to pay it forward to their communities and next generations.

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Our Mission

The Prosp(a)rity Project™ is dedicated to empowering Black women in the U.S. with tools for financial literacy, as a catalyst for propelling them to higher rates of entrepreneurial/professional success and holistic wellbeing.


Our Vision

The Prosp(a)rity Project strives to become the world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated unapologetically to facilitating systemic equity for Black girls and women. Through our Economic Empowerment Initiative, we’re dismantling the systemic barriers of $35B in student loan debt and a 35% average financial literacy rate that have historically prevented Black American girls/women from building generational wealth and providing direct access to opportunities at top-tier companies across a comprehensive spectrum of industries that enable them to make unprecedented impact on their own lives and surrounding communities.

Women in Workshop

Challenges Black Women Face

Most Economically Disenfranchised

Suppressed/Underrepresented in Business & Entrepreneurship

At Greatest Risk of Compromised Health/Wellness


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