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Join The Prosp(a)rity Project for a day of enrichment, community building and candid conversation through our first-annual 35*2 Free Financial Empowerment Conference! 

We're providing a one-of-a-kind virtual experience to the beloved members of our global Prosp(a)ritribe centered around cultivating financial wellness in the Black community and embarking together on the path toward prosp(a)rity.

Learn more about our three event tracks below & secure your spot today by clicking below to pre-register. Trust us, you won't want to miss out!


Track 1: Ready to Embark

Recommended for: Rising/recent college graduates or college-aged young adults

New to college and/or the "real world" and not quite sure what to make of all the newfound (and sudden!) financial responsibility? Track 1 was designed just for you and will feature content around topics such as:

  • Budgeting basics

  • Salary negotiation workshop

  • “You’re in student debt, now what?” panel

Track 2: Midway Through

Recommended for:
Working professionals with little to some career/money management experience

For those who have a bit of experience navigating the ropes of adulthood but have been struggling under the weight of student loans and/or haven't been sure where to turn for solid financial guidance, we've got you covered!

Track 3: Further Along

Recommended for:
Seasoned professionals and/or those with extensive financial understanding looking to level up in either or both regards

This track is designed for those well-entrenched into life as working professionals and ready to take their financial journey to the next level, whether it be through making more strategic moves personally, co-managing finances with a partner or beginning to plan for your child(ren)'s financial futures.



Do I have to be a Black woman to attend?

While the programming is tailored to meet the needs of Black women specifically, much of the content will be applicable to those of all backgrounds, races and genders, so we encourage any and all who are interested in participating to join the fun!

What's the meaning behind the name?

"35*2 Free" is derived from the two statistics which respectively show that Black women in the U.S. hold an estimated $35B in student loan debt and only a 35% financial literacy rate average. This conference is in large part an effort to raise further awareness of these disparities and help our organization drive the former figure down to $0 and latter number as close to 100% as we can achieve. 

What can I look forward to?

Some of the highlights of the day include keynote addresses from top finance professionals, curated panel discussions co-hosted by industry-leading speakers, games/activities, entertainment, a networking expo and more!