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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Useful Information

How do you pronounce your organization’s name?

"The prosperity project."

The stylization of "prosp(a)rity" is a visual differentiator used to signify the merger of the words prosperity and parity.

How do you pronounce "35*2 Free"?

"Thirty-five to free."

I need student debt relief but don’t qualify/want to be a Prosparette. Can I apply for the retroactive scholarship by itself?

No, the retroactive scholarship is a package deal that is only distributed as part of the 35*2 Free program.

Why does the 35*2 Free program only help Black women?

While we understand that people of all racial and gender backgrounds are affected by the student debt crisis, Black women are statistically most indebted and at risk by default.

Why does the 35*2 Free program only help reduce private student debt?

During the first run of the program, we didn’t differentiate between loan types, since there was no clear indicator that the Presidential administration would act to cancel any federal loans. However—as cancellation measures were announced and then ultimately stalled in court—this created a lot of additional stress and confusion for our Prosparettes who only held federal debt.

Therefore, since private loans cannot be subjected to the same legislative measures (and also tend to have far less favorable terms for borrowers), our retroactive scholarships will only go toward loans of this nature moving forward.

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