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20 Self-Affirmations to Keep you Motivated in 2022

Black women deal with a lot of trauma linked to racism, sexism and societal backlash. These stressors are accompanied with feelings of incompetence and unwanted-ness. Hence, speaking life and positivity into yourself is one way to promote and encourage self-care. Traditionally, women have been secluded from positions of power and influence, especially Black women and women of color. But, nowadays, saying NO is the new strength. To be strong and fearless in this society requires a high self-esteem.

What is an Affirmation?

You probably already have an idea or two about what an affirmation is. In summary, affirmations are short, positive statements. They are ideally meant to boost positive energy & thoughts. They are often repeated to help overcome negative thoughts & feelings.

Benefits of Daily Positive Affirmations

Many people have adopted affirmations into their daily routine. Studies have shown that positive affirmations can improve our mindset, motivation, and increase our feelings of self worth. They serve as positive reminders or statements that one can use to encourage and motivate oneself or others. It can also be used to remind oneself of the values and interests that constitute one’s true or core self. However, affirmations can be used incorrectly, especially by people with low self-esteem, because even with these are positive affirmations, those with low self-esteem cannot enact that positivity and self-care, thus causing emotional damage.

Various Ways to Affirm These Daily Statements

There are a variety of ways people choose to affirm these positive statements. It could be affirming it in front of a mirror or even on a sticky note in your bathroom mirror for regular visualization. Others prefer writing these affirmations in a journal. However, the method that you choose doesn’t matter as long as it resonates well with you.

20 Positive Self-Affirmation

There are many different options, so consider this a menu of sorts. Every morning upon rising or each evening before going to bed, select a few and say them out loud or write them down. This will set a different positive tone and improve your mindset. They are:

  1. I am a boss.

  2. I am beautiful.

  3. I am intelligent and successful.

  4. I deserve a seat at the success table and I will get one.

  5. My ideas are so unique and all of my goals are manifesting.

  6. My opinion and voice matter and they are very important.

  7. I am courageous and I stand up for myself and for others who may need my help because it is the right thing to do.

  8. I attract success.

  9. I am and will make a difference in this world.

  10. I belong to this space.

  11. I am and will create the life I want regardless of my past.

  12. I will seize every opportunity to learn.

  13. I have no limit to my achievement.

  14. Every day, I learn valuable lessons from myself. Today is another day.

  15. I am greater than negative thoughts and low actions.

  16. I release all forms of self-doubts.

  17. I make a difference in the world by simply existing in it and trying to make it a better place.

  18. I am surrounded with love and reciprocate it to those I care about.

  19. I am proud of my strength and myself.

  20. I am a winner, born a winner.


These affirmations are not only able to improve confidence and self-love, but they can also help you manifest success and positive direction towards your goals. This is a quest for a fresh start. As a community, we must fight strong, encourage one another, show support to each other & uplift each other's spirits with positive thoughts and appraisals. Positivity affects the state of mind and the mind plays an important role in our overall success and happiness. The mind is very powerful; that is why there is generally a deep focus on mind activities, mediation and mind development. Hence - the importance of improving our mental health with positive daily affirmations.

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