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Come One, Come All: TPP's 2nd Annual Conference is Near!

The time is near! 🎉 The Prosp(a)rity Project cordially invites you all to attend our 2nd-annual 35*2 Free Empowerment Conference. For those who do not know, “35*2” is taken from our organization’s primary initiative, and it stands for the 35% financial literacy rate that Black women currently possess and the $35 Billion in student loan debt that Black women are in.

These two disparities are our driving force for what we do in our organization. We believe that both economic resources and financial education need to go hand in hand in order to get Black women out of the student debt crisis and propel them forward into financial freedom in their individual pursuit for prosp(a)rity!

This year’s 35*2 Free Empowerment Conference will be taking place on Thursday, May 19th, from 11am - 5pm ET/8am - 2pm PT. Our overall mission for this event is to celebrate and promote inclusive, high-quality financial literacy training delivered by industry-leading experts and organizations in an atmosphere that centers & meets the unique needs of Black women.

Last year's conference included some of the most notable figures in finance and women's empowerment, including Aimee Allison, Founder of She the People; Sallie Krawcheck, Founder of Ellevest; Raegan Burden, Founder of Raegan Speaks LLC; and Robin Hauser, Producer/Director of $avvy.

And each conference that we hold has three tracks that you can choose from depending on your place in life: Ready to Embark (for rising/recent college graduates or college-aged young adults), Midway Through (for professionals with moderate career & money management experience), and Further Along (for seasoned professionals or for those with extensive financial understanding looking to begin taking legacy-building steps.

In all, we are guided by a vision of furthering our presence as an organization dedicated specifically to nurturing, uplifting, and advancing members of this demographic and ultimately positioning them to pay it forward to their communities.

And if you attend this event, you’ll be in great company! Our organization attracts 500+ next generation female leaders across our social platforms and last year, our promotion for the conference amassed over 1.25 million impressions.

We pride ourselves in bringing an innovative and educational experience to all Black women who are aiming to better themselves, and we hope that you’ll join us. Our early bird sale ends Tuesday, March 22nd, and tickets are currently only $20 (or a bundle of 2 for $35)! Grab yours now before our prices go up.


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