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Our Prosparettes

Program Overview

Our 35*2 Free Initiative aims to serve Black women in grave need of financial relief and redirection, as we know first-hand that when up against monumental student debt loads, even the most disciplined money handlers can find themselves quickly behind the eight ball.

Our target demographic includes Black women who are:

  • Bachelor's-educated & reside in the U.S.

  • Generally between 25-35 years of age

  • With a high debt-to-income ratio

  • Experiencing extenuating financial/situational circumstances

  • Seeking career trajectory shift

  • Passionate about community impact

Meet Our 35*2 Free Initiative Prosparettes!


Learn about the 8 tremendous women overcoming the hurdles of crippling student loan debt to reach unprecedented heights.

Past Prosparettes:

the 2022 Cohort


Check out the extraordinary women who comprised the 2022 Prosparette Cohort!

image (3).png

Alexis Colbert

image (4).png

Anjel Magee

image (1).png

Ashley McGaughey

Brandea Turner Headshot.jpg

Brandea Turner


Grace-Cecile Eya Obame

Jasmine Johnson.jpeg

Jasmine Johnson


Joana Robergeau


Paloma Rodney

image (2).png

Rita Hill

Sabrina Evans Headshot.png

Sabrina Evans


Shantel Blake

IMG_3419 2.jpg

Teresa O'Reilly

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