Social Media Campaigns

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Since the formation of Black History Month, we've grown accustomed to spending each February reflecting upon the legacies of the many ancestors, space makers and innovators who have paved the way for the subsequent generations of Blacks in America.

And while these icons will always be unquestionably deserving of their flowers and recognition, we hope in the wake of these pandemic times to also shine a light on the brighter days ahead and use the power we hold today to improve tomorrow. (Click here to read more.)

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Launched in tandem with the intake of our inaugural Prosperette cohort, our #deeatingdisparity campaign was our first effort to make a splash across socials and begin cultivated our beloved Prosp(a)ritribe community. 

Posts shared were of and by our Prosperettes, along with a simple yet eye-catching fuschia square to represent our bold and unapologetically fierce approach to tackling the student debt crisis. Click here to check it out on Instagram!