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A Deeper Dive into the Student Debt Crisis

The statistics behind why we chose to tackle a $1.7T behemoth.


Estimated Student Debt Held by Black Women

Though numbers on student loan debt held by all women in the U.S. have been well-researched, those for Black women specifically have been harder to trace, so this figure was calculated based on enrollment data for Black female U.S. college students/graduates.


Average debt burden for Black female borrowers

Of all demographics, Black women are the most degreed (institutionally educated), which means they're racking up more school debt than that of their peers, ironically as a means for achieving upward mobility by aiming to increase earning potential.


% of Income Consumed by Student Loans

Thanks to staggering pay disparities, ballooning interest rates & statistically lower likelihood of coming from familial wealth, Black women shoulder an unparalleled student debt burden—leaving them with this abysmally high average debt-to-income ratio.

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